Fil Flan Technologies is a Software Based Company, incorporated in United Kingdom, UAE & India. We are an OEM and IP Holder of Data Capture platform offering a wide range of solutions in Data Capture Arena and automating the Business Process across all Industry verticals which deal with documents. We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified Company.

Our Digital Innovative Technology of Intelligent Agile capture platform has immensely transformed various sectors and helped them to go Digital from manual process. It is a revolutionary idea of Auto capturing, Auto classifying and Auto analyzing the data from the documents and building a complete business solution around it.

Our Platform is a flagship offering, packed with a full range of data-capture through Artificial Intelligence and it consist of a robust business rule engine which can provide service to any Business involving documents. The Platform has been sophisticatedly designed to train itself through cognitive Machine Learning Technology.

The Company also integrates its products to create customized solutions for a complete technology based business transformation. The domain expertise that the company has acquired over the past 20 years in this field makes us a one stop solution for any document capture solution.