Industry-Leading Accuracy

Our best-in-class ICR/OCR/IMR/OMR & Barcode products come with 90% document classification and 70% auto-capture accuracy. These figures speak for themselves. In environments like banks where accuracy is a premium feature, our products deliver guaranteed performance. The end result is more robust business processes, error mitigation and reduced TAT.

Out-of-the-Box Integration Options

Integration can be major challenge at large IT environments, such as of banks. We resolve this by baking full integration support within our AutoRec and AutoDoc solutions. These solutions can be deployed as point implementations or full-scale platforms that work hand in hand with your existing IT infrastructure.

Agile DeploymentOn-premise and Cloud

Every business has unique needs, and we cater to this through our agile deployment options. We integrate and ignite our solutions in any environment in virtually no time. Where you want on-premise installation or in-cloud deployment, we have got you covered.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Document automation needs vary from industry to industry. Our products support a vast range of document types, data fields and auto-capture options by default. They can capture data from both structured and unstructured documents with above-average accuracy.

Robotic Data Capture with advance ML

Say goodbye to manual data entry with our advanced robotic data capture technology. Save the time and effort involved, and allocate your precious resources elsewhere. Powered with Machine Learning, our products speed up data capture and improve accuracy while ensuring compliance.

Data Capture and Verification

Thanks to our advanced OCR implementations, our products can pick up handwritten data from forms, contracts and any unstructured documents. This makes our offerings an optimal choice for end-to-end data capture in TFC and other environments.