One of the Leading Bank in UAE has completely transformed to digital automation by moving from paper driven processes to electronic content and workflows using Autorec agile capture platform. Earlier the entire process used to take days to get completed which have been now reduced to hours. Thus increasing the customer experience and providing end to end solution.

Business Challenges

Trade finance itself is a very complicated process as it involves a lot of paper intensive processes and lot of manual checks which are very time consuming. The data from the documents has to be manually entered into the system and this requires dedicated manpower in order to do so. There is a possibility that the data entered may have some kind of human errors which impact the quality. Data once entered into the system has to be validated based on ICC /ISBP guidelines manually.

Apart from which checking the data for any compliance related issues, checking the signature of the customer, LC Amendments, Swift , getting the detailed info of the customer and tracking the vessel to know whether the Vessel is Blacklisted or the Country from where the Goods were shipped is Blacklisted consumes a lot of time and efforts. All this manual effort with multiple manual checks would take almost 48 hours to complete the entire process. Customer experience was taking a big time Hit because of the slowness of the process and Banks on the other hand were spending heavily for manpower and any compliance related issues.

Our Solution

• Autorec Agile Capture Platform smartly auto classifies the documents like Airway Bill, Bill of Lading, Invoice, Draft, Cover Letter, and Packing List using the Natural language processing engine.

• Autorec Agile extracts data from Structured, Semi structured, Unstructured and even Hand written documents, using Artificial Intelligence and advanced OCR.

• Its robust rule engine auto validates the business rules specified by the Business.

• Data is checked for any kind of compliance related issues through Safewatch or Clink as per ICC or ISBP guidelines.

• Vessel Information is retrieved by integrating with Vessel Tracker or Lloyd’s Integration which checks the blacklisting of Vessels and also from the Country from where the goods were shipped.

• Real time matching of terms of credit from MT700 fields 50,59,32B,43P,43T,44ABC,45A,46B etc.

• Also shows Customers detailed info like Account Summary, Limits, Past Due, Due Date etc.. by integrating with the Bank so that the Users can check the customers info on the same screen while validating.

• It works as an One Stop solution for TradeFinance by integrating with various check points.

Value Delivered

  Over 300 Transaction processed daily.

  Single interface for Maker/Checker/Compliance

  Enabled Straight Through Process

  Considerable FTE reduction

  Considerable improvement in errors & omissions

Since Document checking & Lodgement are within our system this customer saw the TAT reduced to 90 minutes from 48 hours and even lower for priority customers as VVIP customers transactions are processed on priority


Extraction Accuracy

from 2 days to 1.5 hours

TAT Improvement


Efficiency Improvement