A leading Medical Healthcare Process got completely automated from the age old manual approach. This set a New beginning and a new hope for the complicated approach of handling high volume unstructured documents. To process thousands of claims in a single day at an average was taking a lot of time and this was causing delays in responding to the customer and hence affecting the customer experience. By introducing Autorec solution the entire process has become automated and saves time, effort and hence bringing smiles on the face of Claimants.

Business Challenges

The challenges the Healthcare industry faces while processing claims aren’t new. Medical Billing Processes involves a lot of documents and all these have to be converted into data for further processing of Medical claims. At an average there are thousands of claims processed every single day. All these Claims have to be manually entered into the system.

Due to high volume of the claims and medical bills, HealthCare industry spends a millions of dollars every year on manpower to process these claims. In spite of hiring additional manpower and spending millions of dollars every year it does not get that additional WOW factor from the customers. The main reason being the age old style of manual approach slows down the process and hence makes the Claimants wait for their Claims.

Our Solution

• Autorec Agile Capture Platform smartly auto classifies the documents using the Natural language processing engine.

• Autorec Agile extracts data from Structured, Semi structured, Unstructured and even Hand written documents, using Artificial Intelligence and advanced OCR.

• These two features of Autorec Agile Capture Platform solve the main problem in the delay of processing the Claims and hence rapidly closing the claims.

Value Delivered

  Over thousands of Transaction processed daily.

  Single interface for Maker/Checker/Compliance

  Enabled Straight Through Process

  Considerable FTE reduction

  Considerable improvement in errors & omissions

  TAT Reduced from Days to minutes